Skilled SOS

Skilled SOS a nonprofit founded in 2009 to help students and workers make better career, education and finance decisions. With the influx of Afghan refugees in the USA, we recognized the need for resettlement assistance as well as our unique position to have resources to aid in school and work placement. We've expanded our outreach to newly-arrived immigrants in Utah. Our mission is to provide skills, abilities, and resources to help individuals to become self-sufficient and to promote cross-cultural understanding.

smart career choices

     Student debt continues to rise, approaching $1.3 trillion. Nearly half of students drop out of four year programs and over 70% enrolled in two year programs; compiling large amounts of debt without degree while 50% of graduates end up unemployed or underemployed.

     Skilled SOS uses partnerships with companies, training programs and schools to help all - from every socio-economic background, race and religion - navigate career and education choices while avoiding unnecessarily expensive paths.


Through partnerships, we connect refugees in Utah with programs to retrain skills and access education, as well as offer training in basic life skills  to become independent in America without becoming lost and dependent on a system. ​