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United States - Haiti - Afghanistan

A 501 C3 non-profit

Featured Projects


September 2022.  Skilled SOS Donated $50,000.00 to help Goleadoras young women's soccer team go to Qatar.  Their creed.  We are the ones who know that running after a dream is not enough. We must take the lead, And keep going, until we achieve our dream. We are the ones who cover our backs from any team that plays against us. We are a team of girls, That will change history. We are the opponents of those who say that we cannot and should not. With each goal, we change the rules of what they expect from us as women. We are the ones who not only play soccer; we are Goleadoras

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Chromebook Donations

Skilled SOS worked with Canyon School District and Provident Charter School, a tuition-free, public school designed for educating students with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia. Brighton High School from Canyon School District donated over 500 Chromebooks. Students and Volunteers were at Brighton High School on Thursday July 28th at 11am to do a power wash (factory reset) of these Chromebooks for Provident Charter School. One hundred Chromebooks will be shipped to Haiti. Student Body officers from Brighton High School and other volunteers worked for hours resetting the Chromebooks and loading them into a UHaul to make the trek to Pittsburgh. Computers were stacked onto five pallets of 100 and wrapped carefully to prevent damage. Utah high school donates 450 chromebooks for back to school

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Cholera Relief in Haiti

On October 2nd, 2022 the Ministry for Population and Public Health (MSPP) in Haiti officially announced a resurgence of cholera cases in the country. With the kind support of a $50,000 donation from Skilled SOS, GOAL will be able to further scale up response actions that will reduce the risk of cholera to the population of 3 communes in metropolitan area of Port au Prince including Carrefour, Cite Soleil and Port au Prince and directly benefit 3,000 people from 500 of the most vulnerable households and 20 schools in these communes.

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Generator and Tent donations to Haiti

November 2021. Thank you for your donation of $17,399.88 to Skills SOS on behalf of the Nationale des Scouts d’Haiti! It will truly make a difference for the people of Haiti. We work with several organizations in Haiti for the benefit of skills and occupational training.  Thanks to your company’s generators, Haitians will have a source of power as power grids are built and restored. These generators will help homes, schools, and businesses that need the critical power. Power to charge phones, computers, batteries, and lights. These generators will help Haitians learn new skills, a gateway to sustaining careers. Thank you again for your support of Haiti!

Afghanistan Refugee Rescue

Sorenson personally went to Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, one of three domestic military bases temporarily housing Afghan refugees. Sorenson returned with four refugees and arranged comfortable, safe accommodations with two local Utah county families from his local church congregation. 

“Our program is unique,” he says, “instead of just giving the refugees money and putting them in a hotel, we house them with families until they become established. We enroll them in a university, get them trained, give them money with the goal of getting them to be self-sustaining.” 

Sorenson says there is an emotional benefit of placing the refugees within local families. “They are separated from their own families, so it’s better to house them with private families who can give them refuge to talk, cry and work out their emotions from all of the trauma they experienced in leaving Afghanistan under such stressful conditions.”

“I am safe and warm in Utah,” says one of the women refugees, (who will not be named or pictured in order to protect the identity of vulnerable family members still in Afghanistan), “but my parents are still struggling for their lives and survival in Afghanistan.” 


Haiti Reforestation

$150,000 donation for the reforestation of Haiti, construction of five Basic Hoop Style Greenhouses, and the creation of numerous jobs for the Haitian people to operate these Greenhouses and care for the trees.

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