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Currently our resettlement program is limited to Utah. However, if you are a company, religious organization, or school in another state wishing to start a similar program, please contact us. 

SkilledSOS is looking for:


Strong, Supportive, Loving HOST FAMILIES willing to "adopt" refugees as they are introduced to America. It is rare to live alone in Afghanistan, families stay together until children are married. Many of the Afghan refugees are single women and men ages 17-26. Some are small family units. Host families can help minimize long term emotional traumatic damage by offering a loving environment and support system, as well as alleviate financial difficulties of house placement as refugees enter the work force. Creating a net of community support prevents refugees from being "lost" in the system before they are able to start. 

All families are subject to a background check. 


Looking for COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS to help assimilate refugees into society. Want to give a tour around town, help show someone how to shop on a budget, or teach someone to drive and take public transportation? Do you participate in sports or clubs that are willing to take on and support an enthusiastic newbie, and help someone make a friend? 


Currently Afghan refugees have no access to previous funds due to the Afghanistan bank freezing. They are starting from zero, some who still need to learn English. We are looking to place a small number of refugees in religious or organization congregations willing to long term support 2-5 people as a community. This requires financial resources as they get their feet on the ground, as well as a community environment to consistently check in, guide and offer support where needed. 


SkilledSOS constantly looks for companies willing to partner in student and refugee work placements. 


Are you a school in need of recruiting for a specific department, or need help developing new programs? Or are you a school looking to sponsor incoming refugees? Get in touch.

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