Refugees in utah

Aid And Resettlement

Providing community
resources and support

Skilled SOS in partnership with Catholic Community Services Utah connects host families and congregations to support small groups of refugees. 

Refugees often arrive with one suitcase or none at all, and suffer complete loss of capital due to war, political bank freezes and disaster.


They cannot (and should not) survive alone on arrival. We hope to provide a sustainable aid environment by promoting whole communities to support small numbers of new Americans.  

Within these communities, volunteers teach American life skills such as budgeting, grocery shopping, driving, tax filing, how to use public transportation, etc. 

Catholic Community Services makes sure each individual involved with SkilledSOS files appropriately for immigration needs and state aid. 

Employment and Education

Skilled SOS partners with local businesses to find meaningful employment for new Americans.

Skilled SOS collaborates with schools and ESL programs to provide onward training, education for career goals (whether this is University or skill training), and language proficiency. 

countries in Crisis

Providing equipment

tents and generators

work with other NGOs and companies to provide needed emergency products and resources.