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SOS is a full-service registration, scoring system designed for SkillsUSA State, District, and Regional competitions. Multiple input sources without thumb drives allow for on the fly changes and fast results.

Call for a quote or more information (801) 316-0046 ext 700


Sos Student Organizational Software Provides:


-A complete front and back office website system.

-Ability to add SOS Program to current state website through links.

-Online registration for all competitions including automatically generated invoices.

-Calendar events and notices, contest rules, policy and standards and maps of contest sites.

-Hotel booking and rooming assignments for all events.

-Information and requirements for each event.

-Contest setup – times, dates, fees, rubrics, lists, data, name badges and certificates.

-Online judging and rubric scoring - automatically tallied and published.

-Contest details with real time contest updates

-Accounting history including ability to print invoices and receipts.

-All real-time with progress chart

-Advisor account supplying all pertinent data from registration through competition.

-District and staff accounts including individual and group information and invoicing.

-Real time awards presentation



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