Skilled SOS was formed to bring students, parents, educators and businesses together to help students to make smart career choices.

Make Smart Choices


want to find a career they enjoy and be successful in. 


want their youth to become self-reliant. 


want students to find success.


seek the best employees’ society offers.


Everyone wins and everyone should.  


  • What do you spend your free time doing? 

  • What relationships can you develop now that will help you find the best job in the future? 

  • Can a hobby you are good at lead to a career you will love?

  • How much student debt can you afford?

  • How likely is it for you to be offered a job in your chosen field of study?

  • Discover careers they are good at and enjoy before making expensive educational decisions.

  • Students become competent in their chosen career, develop character and learn leadership traits.

  • Stimulate the economy by reducing student loan debt.

  • Lower the skills deficit by placing students in jobs that are needed and available.

  • Help reinforce the principle that all jobs are important.

  • Help volunteers partner with schools and businesses to create job shadows and internships for students. 

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Prospective employees must be trained to conduct their job search with a “career” mentality having already identified what they love to do and be qualified sufficiently to come to work on the first day “ready to run”.  Skilled SOS provides the vehicle to do so.

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The most effective competence teaching methodologies are those processes that require students to not just recite knowledge but prove they can apply it.  Without application knowledge is only rhetoric.  Without application intelligence never becomes wisdom.  Experience is the end result of multiple applications. Demonstrated competency usually gets a person hired. 


An individual’s values, and qualities – the “essence” of the person - who they are.  


Some people refer to character traits such as punctuality, dependability, flexibility, honesty and patience as “soft skills”.  People with good character do what they say they are going to do - walk the talk.  A lack of character should get a person fired. 

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A person's ability to expand their circle of influence. 


To be a good leader one needs to be competent in their area of expertise and demonstrate good character.  To gain respect from subordinates and peers one must lead by example.  Leaders pass on competency skills to others.  They love to mentor and help others become successful.  They teach the importance of strong character and reinforce it with their own behavior.  They provide solutions to problems rather than just identify them. 

Career Information



Student Drop out

40% of American students drop out of undergraduate before a degree. 

Skilled work

Training alternatives can solve the USA shortage in skilled workers.

student debt

The government books 43.1 billion in student loan profits. 

worker shortage

Who can solve the skilled worker shortage? 


65% of students will be employed in jobs that do not exist yet. 


Manufacturers must respect people who work with their hands.