A 501(c)(3) organization 

Skilled SOS uses cutting edge gaming technology to teach high school students, from every socio-economic background, race and religion, why every job, career and person counts by helping them find a career they love before making expensive educational choices.


  • Helps everyone to discover careers they are good at and enjoy before making expensive educational decisions.

  • Help further develop then maintain Pursuit, the jobs game, into a highly entertaining educational mobile augmented reality game.

  • Help volunteers partner with schools and businesses to create job shadows and internships for students. 

  • Help students become competent in their chosen career, develop character and learn leadership traits.

  • Help lower the skills deficit by placing students in jobs that are needed and available.

  • Help reinforce the principle that all jobs are important.

  • Help stimulate the economy by reducing student loan debt.





Skilled SOS

        (Student Occupational Solutions)  


Helps students make smart career choices by gaming through:

  • conversations

  • quizzes

  • evaluations

  • job shadows 

  • internships